Sensory Artist & Composer 

Siana Altiise is a Sensory Artist. Her works portray the results of hyperconnected relationships between the five senses and color- a phenomena known as “Synesthesia”. This cross-wiring in the brain allows her to hear in color, visualize music, and identify emotions and painful sensations in figures and shapes. She re-creates these unusual sensory encounters through sound design.  

Siana’s compositions are created in real-time, using only her voice and looping machines. Vocal harmonies, bass lines and percussion are layered through each song, as she sings in both words and Hopelandic. Her live performances showcase her style of paired, intuitive representations of the music as it is being created. 

Merging the power of music with visualization and cognitive design, Siana has worked alongside with companies and creatives such as Coca-Cola, SunTrust, and CreativeMornings to create reflective atmospheres that trigger abstract thinking, provoke relaxed alertness and inspire creativity. She has been invited to be a speaker on a TED Talk in 2017, The Art of Slowing Down, in Atlanta, Georgia. She also speaks at various institutions, where she demonstrates the connectivity of the senses and their role in our need for self-awareness and emotional intelligence.