Siana Altiise is a Sensory Artist. Described as “an avante-garde thinker with a rare compassion,” Altiise teaches leaders and organizations how to develop emotional awareness through the use of experiential sound design and visual display.

Born with unusual sensory associations, Siana experiences daily living through the lens of a scientific phenomenon called Synesthesia- a blending of the senses in the brain that causes her to hear in color, see music, visualize emotions. This “miswiring” in her brain allows her an extraordinary capacity to bring new insights to the vast possibilities of experiencing sight, touch, sound, hearing and taste in everyday life.

She replicates these automatic sensory experiences to create experiential, interactive atmospheres for listeners to engage through their senses. Her unconventional approach to emotional awareness has won hearts of fans around the world.

TEDxPeachtree Talk & Performance

TEDxPeachtree Interview

TEDxCentennialParkWomen Talk & Performance

That'sPRD, Lifestyle Publication of South China

The SoundOff Experience



The Art of Slowing Down

TED Talk & Experience (2017)

We obey our emotions without even realizing it. They are the ambassadors that govern our quality of relationships, performance, and communication. In this simple but powerful talk and performance, Siana introduces a multi-sensory approach for leaders to take effective breaks in their busy days. 

Dirty Diana // Michael Jackson

soundscape arrangement

Her compositions range between originals and arrangements. Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana is an example of an arrangement vocally constructed in order to create the emotional response in the listener that her emotion-color (synesthetic) response evoked.  

The Mountains Over Us

visual language

Synchronously performed at TEDxPeachtree, this visual language depicts Siana's "sheet music", what she sees as she performs her original, The Mountains Over Us. Siana confesses her joy in seeing visual compositions,  "I can close my eyes and just forget where I actually am. It's so beautiful getting lost in this stunning, colorful world.”