Siana Altiise is a Sensory Artist based in Atlanta, GA. Described as “an avante-garde thinker with a rare compassion, her works explore hyperconnected relationships between the five senses and color, by way of the sensory phenomena, “Synesthesia”.” 

Born with unusual sensory associations, Siana experiences daily living through the lens of a scientific phenomenon called Synesthesia- a blending of the senses in the brain that causes her to hear in color, see music, visualize emotions. This “miswiring” in her brain allows her to hear in color (sound-color), visualize  (music-color), and identify emotions and painful sensations in figures and shapes (emotion- and pain-color).

She replicates these automatic sensory experiences to create experiential, interactive atmospheres for listeners to engage through their senses. Her visual portrayals of Synesthetic responses have been exhibited in China, Macau and South- Africa. 

Siana works alongside companies to create relaxed, immersive atmospheres for employees through vocal composition and intuitive visualisation, based on color-emotion association. She has worked with several innovative companies such as Coca-Cola, SunTrust, CreativeMornings, AltoIT Solutions, Hope Institute and Callanwolde Fine Arts. 

She has been invited to be a speaker on a TED Talk in 2017, The Art of Slowing Down, in Atlanta, Georgia. She also speaks at various institutions, where she demonstrates the connectivity of the senses and their role in our need for self-awareness and emotional intelligence.