Record.   Rewind. Replay.

Conference Music


benefits for your audience:

  • prevent Conference Fatigue
  • improve focus and relaxation
  • enhance information retention
  • reduce stress 
  • safe for intro- and extroverts
  • increase perception variety
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live conference performance

Engage your audience in an immersive sound experience before the opening exhibitor. It simply changes the mood. With a moment to unwind, reflect and apply,  new information is better processed when attendees are relaxed and prepared to learn. Music can make you much more open to hearing ideas.

tailored compositions

Prevent Conference Fatigue. Live music changes the standard, seminar setting (of information acquisition) to a diverse,  immersive listening atmosphere. It changes the mood. With a moment to unwind, reflect and apply, new information is better processed when attendees are relaxed and prepared to learn.




About Siana


Siana was born with an ability to see music and emotions in color patterns, shapes and textures- a cross-sensory phenomena called Synesthesia. She  began replicating these involuntary experiences by combining the power of music with intuitive visualization and cognitive design to create atmospheres that trigger abstract thinking, promote a sense of relaxed alertness and inspire creativity. 

Since 2012, Siana Altiise has completed more than 220 projects for over 60 clients, both locally and internationally. 

Her experience as a Sensory Artist has included designing bespoke, reflective atmospheres for a diverse range of sectors including finance, retail, hospitality, fashion, tourism, and information technology. 


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